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One of the largest furniture manufacturers in the region wanted a collection of kitchens for its new Showroom. For such a challenge, it was necessary to create a story, analyze the wishes of customers and cover everything functionally and aesthetically. The final design was the creation of five kitchens through five lifestyles: Zen inspired - Scandinavian style, Business inspired - Modern style, Culture inspired - Classic style, Adventure inspired - Minimalist style, Art inspired - Trendy Chic style.

Zen inspired - Soothing minimalism

The kitchen, which is dominated by bright tones and precision, simplicity, but also attention to detail, is intended to evoke a sense of calm. Less is more, is the key for the minimalist kitchens. A perfect composition in which only the necessary elements are used in order to express aesthetics, while at the same time functionality is respected to the maximum.

Business inspired - Dominant modern expression

Spacious, simple design that is focused on function and organization with dominant materialization, are the basic characteristics of modern style. With clean architectural lines and cubist forms, this style is ideal for those who like dark tones and smooth surfaces.

Culture inspired - A timeless Classic

Traditional, always powerful and modern kitchen design is popular all over the world. It is often said that such kitchens are resorted to those who are oriented towards culture, art and history. The colors are calm, neutral tones like white, beige cream, brown...

Adventure inspired - Unpredictable sensuality

The interiors in which true adventurers are found are different, unexpected at first glance and sometimes irrational. The dominant color is always a specific tone, combined with natural but urban materials. Adventurers feel best in the open, so their kitchen must be like that.

Art inspired - Sophisticated trendy chic

The characteristic aesthetics are encompassed by this trendy, but today popular style of interior design. Chic kitchens look like new life has been breathed into them with a free choice of colors and new finishes. Accentuating works of art or old handicrafts in a matte version gives it a better and more effective expression.

Date : May 16th, 2020

Location: Sarajevo, BiH

Category : Product Design | Interior Design

Material | Product Brands : Egger, Bosch, Franke, Faber