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A perfect architectural harmony between nature, the old lighthouse and the new facility is the base of the idea. One of the main principles that we followed is creating an building that floats freely over rocks of unique Syracuse landscape, the building which serves nature and users, but at the same time gives new importance to the atmosphere.

Nature and Ecology

Looking globally, water is an essential element that is repetitively imposing and it is the only 'material' that could contribute to visual effect and functionality of the site. An element that will not compromise the appearance of the environment is unavoidable, the one which is the basis of the island existence and will never be a guest at a location like Plemmirio.

Site preservation

We strived to make a strong monument with the minimalist look, completely subordinated to the function and needs of the user. In accordance with strict laws of nature and preserved site, we have designed a hovering structure mounted on steel columns that would be absolutely transformable, modular and prefabricated. This kind of preservation involves incorporating new cultural values related to sustainability into the landscape, where we provide the new purpose to the old lighthouse buildings: The purpose of the sea museum.


The sustainability of the building as one of the project's fundamental characteristics in our case is recycling and reuse of existing resources. In order to avoid site excavation, off-site prefabrication is the method that will meet the requirements of sustainability. Steel as the main construction material is perfect for the prefabrication and design with modular components, but as well, it is considered to be the most sustainable material in the world. Using steel we will return and recycle more than 95% of the water needed for the construction, be able to be recover these elements again into new high quality products and create minimum emissions when comparing to any other alternative material. All water used for the building will be recycled, used from the sea and returned back to it.


Proposed structure's main role is to serve to all site visitors. It is the building with primary function as viewpoint platform from which it will be possible to observe complete site, but the Mediterranean Sea as well. Standing between the lighthouse as the main landmark and the sea, visitors will have the role of the audience looking at the 360 ĚŠ performance of their surrounding and be the witnesses of the breath-taking panoramic scenarios. The platform under itself hides the set of services which can be used by random passengers, site explorers or hotel guests.

The historical link

The idea of a hovering platform was born as a tendency for immaterial object that will be unobtrusive to the environment, but at the same time it is connection with the fact that Syracuse is homeland of the Flotation Principle. The sea platform, hovering structure and preserved natural landscape is bathed in light of the revived lighthouse.

Date : January 12th, 2015

Location : Capo Murro di Porco, Sicily, IT

Category : Architecture

Cooperation with : Muftah Abudajaja