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The fact is that a good house design is completed only when the functionality of the entire residential complex is defined down to the smallest detail. This means that outdoor space in most cases requires semi-open buildings or canopies.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

In the Mediterranean, the use of shading structures is essential, as it is all about creating a good connection between the building and the environment. Such outdoor elemets are pergolas and carports, made from aluminium, regulate the temperature during all seasons and protect against heat, wind and other weather conditions.

Special Requirement

For a client who is a manufacturer of aluminum bio-climatic products, I visualized and placed products in the perfect surrounding. The main goal was to create a ideal scene with all the design elements of the most functional, high-quality pergolas and carports.

Date : June 10th, 2020

Location : Europe, Mediterranean Area

Category : Landscape Design

Cooperation with : Soltec d.o.o.