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Located in the Saint-Cloud district of Paris, the apartment has been redesigned in order to be airy, bright and textured enough to look sumptuous but extremely modern, with details reminiscent of classic elements.

Living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, from small enclosed spaces have become a unique, spacious and dynamic part of the apartment, which is materialized in several layers, such as stone, concrete, wood, metal and soft textile and magnificent, transparent Ghost chairs that the owners wanted to keep as a memory.

Narrow, light bookshelves are placed so that they are absolutely neutral and unobtrusive in space, while the central part of the living room is occupied by a large sofa with a rocking chair and a couple of tables.

A round dining table with chairs is located next to the kitchen counter in the place where there used to be a wall that separated the kitchen space from the living room and thus symbolically marked the space as a central gathering place.

The concrete decor on the kitchen elements is a logical minimalist choice that is neutralized by the white surfaces of the other slabs.

The bedroom of 14m2 is very simply and functionally designed, with an emphasis on wall panels and a large mirror. The semi-transparent glass on the closet visually expands the space and the black sliding frame corresponds to the metal parts in the room such as the legs of the chairs, the bed and the frame of the graphic on the wall.

Project: Interior design of an apartment of 75 m2

Date: February, 2021

Location: Boulevard de la République, Paris, France

Expected realization: July, 2021e

Category: Interior design and Product design

Materials | Products: Schmidt Home, Westwing, Kartell