France: A low-energy nature center: Mulinu Vivu

Mikro lokacija, mikro kuća i mikro ulaganja su rezultat pametnih ideja arhitekte po imenu Demien Antoni. Veličina parcele je 1600 m², a veličina objekata je samo 40 m². Stara vodenica i okolina pretvareni su u ekološki prirodni centar, a koriste se kao lokacija za sastanke, planinarenje i kupanje. Mikro-hidro turbina daje struju za cijeli park. Energija koja se koristila za izgradnju ovog projekta je 12.000 kWh, što je 14 puta manje od konvencionalnih troškova prilikom izgradnje jedne kuće.

Micro location, micro house and micro investment are results of smart ideas by Demien Antoni Architects. The size of site is 1600 sqm and size of the house is only 40 sqm. Former watermill and its surroundings are converted into an free ecological nature center used as a base for meetings, hiking and swimming. A micro-hydro turbine provides electricity for the site. The embodied energy used to build this project is 12,000 kWh, so that’s 14 times less than a conventional family house.







The site


Elevation-Mulinu-Vivu-DamienAntoni-architecteSource: archdaily

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