Ibiza: Modern home in the cave

Ova 400 godina stara špilja redizajnirana je i danas se koristi kao stan. Nalazi se sjeverno od Ibize, u idiličnom prirodom okruženju.

Iako je vrlo stara, ipak nosi savremenu energiju. Budući da su vlasnici iz Nju Jorka naviknuti na minimalistički moderan dizajn, svoj novi dom su uredili na veoma rustičan, pomalo i ruralni način. Interijer skoro da nisu ni izmjenili, a glavni cilj im je bio da zadrže jednostavnost objekta, što su postigli sa elegantnim detaljima.

This 400 year-old cave turned home is located just north of Ibiza, in an idyllic setting surrounded by nature.

The home, although very old, carries a contemporary energy. With owners from New York, the design direction of the house took on a very rustic yet sophisticated direction. The interiors have barely been touched, maintaining the whitewashed walls and wooden beams intact. The main goal of the designers was to expose the home’s simplicity, which we think they achieved with grace.

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