Eindohoven: Autumn Escape Part II: Dutch Design Week

This morning I have found this video on-line, I wanted to share it and make a short story about our trip to Eindhoven where we visited Dutch Design Week 2015.

Right after we left Rotterdam, we knew our nest destination will be completely different city. Calm. Colourful. Romantic. Eindohoven.

We rented the apartment on AirBnB and we loved it! Traditional, brick, 2 storey house in the quiet neighbourhood of the small beautiful city! The city, almost without pedestrians. We were amazed because people were mainly driving bikes and passing by us without making any sound.



Since, some of are architects and artists we were ready to face this great DDW product exhibition from Dutch Designers. And we were really impressed – from car industry, furniture, new technologies to carpet design and  fashion details.

It was really cool to walk through the city which looked like one big show… The show that we enjoyed so much before our next station: Amsterdam!













Photography: Anna Lukenda




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Stilistica is the first BiH blog about interior design, product design and architecture. Inspired by the regional developments, products and local artists who aspire to a better, quality and world-renowned design. Blog was created from a desire to promote local products and will continue to search for topics that are positive and encouraging for all those who wish to live and create in their home country, but at the same time become part of the world’s major design scene!

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