Prokoško lake: Happy New Year!




Prokosko lake is settled on the Vranica Mountain (Bosnia and Herzegovina) under the highest top called Nadkrstac. The lake which is 400 m long – 190m wide and it’s surrounding are protected natural park. The lake is characterized by endemic species of triton, natural rarity – tailed amphibians – which is on the list of protected species since 1954.

After we decided to spend New Years Eve in one of wooden houses on the lake, we have made a plan what will be our route. In the morning we left our car next to Jezernica mountain house, took our backpacks full of foods and drinks and started climbing in the direction of Prokosko. 

Forest area (1550 above sea level)


It was quite nice weather and path was partially completely dry, but partially very slippery and icy. 

After 2.30 hours of walk with short breaks we have reached this beautiful rock terrace in front of our New Years Eve Cabin, the terrace with the most beautiful view. 

View from the Cottage (1640 above seal level)
Fireplace on the Porch

Immediately after we left our bags in 4 tinny rooms we focused on fire, because it was already, at 4 PM, around -12 degrees. Luckily the house had two fireplaces so after an hour we were ready to start preparing food and focus on our idyllic surrounding.  

Traditional Bosnian dish

Great party in our house was ON but shortly we have moved to our neighbors to wish them all the best and play couple of songs on guitar with them…  

As it is usually best moments are the shortest. Soon in the down we have realized that we are having the first morning in 2016th looking at the most beautiful landscape…

image-746e0e68499f2f5b4c59ab27892c9a6e28c7ba779b88762687d6d056bf09d12a-V (1)
Our first morning in 2016

Next day was sunny and perfect for the small tour around the lake. The settlement of Prokosko lake was a typical mountain settlement in middle Bosnia and Herzegovina. The houses were called ‘katuni’. Although most of the old houses are despaired there are still some signs of traditional construction methods and materials. 

Houses on the lake
Stable and Storage


Traditional mountain steeply pitched roof
Traditional fences around mountain houses
Outdoor fountains were necessary
Stone and Wood – two basic construction materials
The lake is surrounded by hills which are hiding the top of Vranica -Nadkrstac


Our second day we spent walking around the lake and having chats in the cozy home next to the big fireplace. With good friends and mountain atmosphere 2 days passed quickly and we were ready to go back home… 

Until next time we will be inspired by this photo taken by our host Eduard:

‘Happy New Year’ –  Adnan, Mery, Dzeno, Hana, Dola, Mersiha, Edo, Bojan i Vinee ❤

Photo: Stilistica


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