BiH: The story of a traveling shelf: NOMADIK

Category: Product Design

Text: Mersiha Karić

Photo:  Vojkan Gostiljac

NOMADIK shelving system is designed by studio FILTER from Sarajevo, and since it’s first day it has been traveling, from exhibition to exhibition! Starting from Belgrade and it’s famous competition called “Common Grounds” organized by Young Balkan Designers, where authors suppose to give the introspective look at their own heritage and cultural values, as well as its intelligent application in the context of the contemporary Balkans.

FILTER explained it’s design like: ‘We tried to ask questions about where we were and where we will be in a period of 10 years. In response, we said that we do not know and that we just want to accept our nomadic future! NOMADIK – shelving system is simple for production, transport, assembly and dismantling. It always ends with generic form – an equilateral triangle, compiled from a larger number of smaller triangles that serve both as shelves, but also as the basis of static stability.’

Considering the jury, led by famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, FILTER is very proud on NOMADIK’s success. 

After Belgrade, NOMADIK continues to travel all around the world as designers predicted when they gave this shelving system such a descriptive name… Next stations were:

  • One Design Week at Plovdiv 10th – 19th of June 2015 
  • D-dan at Zagreb 3rd – 5 of July 2015
  • Skopje Design Week 26th -29th of November 2015
  • Istanbul Design Week 14th -18th of October 2015 
  • Tirana Design Week 15th September – 1st of October 2015 
  • Vienna Design week 25th September – 4th of October 2015


NOMADIK; Photo @ Vojkan Gostiljac
NOMADIK; Photo @ Vojkan Gostiljac
NOMADIK; Photo @ Vojkan Gostiljac

As the last but not least journey was Cologne, furniture fair IMM Cologne. ‘Pure Talents’ is the zone in the fair where NOMADIK was presented with other great designs from Young Balkan Designers Competition. ‘Pure talent’ is driven by idea: ‘This is where it all starts: ideas, designs and concepts by young designers reveal surprising new perspectives and approaches.’

NOMADIK traveling story is going to continue for sure, and in the meantime, FILTER is selected for the residency program of Balkan Design Network which is consisted  of workshops and practical training pursued in cooperation with the leading regional design manufacturers as well as networking and promotional activities.

Good luck FILTER! 

NOMADIK at imm cologne; Photo @ Vojkan Gostiljac

More information you can find at:


FILTER team: Nedim Mutevelić, Vedad Islambegović, Kenan Vatrenjak, Asmir Mutevelić, Ibrica Jašarević


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