Sarajevo: Just before she said ‘YES’

Text: Mersiha Karić

Photography: Anna Lukenda

‘One of the most important moments in life for a lady is her Wedding Day.’ – Somebody said! I am not sure that I can agree with that as I think that every day can be ‘a special one’, but what I am sure of is that on this day LADIES ARE REALLY SPECIAL. Before the big day almost every becomes nervous, changes their opinion in a second questioning her decisions but then again gets so adorable that you cannot say ‘No’ to her, regardless what she wants from you.

To capture those moments ‘before’ we decided to follow one bride from Sarajevo, just before she said ‘YES’!

This is HER short photo story…


First, she chose her makeup artist wisely – and what the ‘picky’ bride wanted from her was just an ordinary day-makeup… but then, maybe a little bit more! 🙂

Outcome: A piece of cake for the professional artist


Second came ‘The dress’ – simple and with no extravagant details… except for ’those’ gloves she dreamed about since she was a little girl!


To let her be mysterious we went to a restaurant where she was able to admire and merge with the wide and relaxing view of the city.


And yes… She was mysterious! That is why this beautiful pictures perfectly demonstrate the gorgeous afternoon atmosphere we lived through. Can you sense it?




Time to change scenes… we went to the city center to let the old Austro-Hungarian flair overcome.





Half an hour later she said: ‘I’m in a hurry’ – well, what a surprise!?! ; Did the last corrections on her veil, which by the way she made herself… 


… Tightened her gloves


And went to Him…




THE BRIDE: Merima Begović, an ordinary girl from Sarajevo. No model by profession, but a new born IT Developer 🙂
Make up: Alma Kadić – INGLOT
Tailor: Dragana Jarmanović Kobiljak
First location and special thanks: Four Seasons Restaurant
Second location: Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo


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