Stilistica is the first BiH blog about interior design, product design and architecture. Inspired by the regional developments, products and local artists who aspire to a better, quality and world-renowned design. Blog was created from a desire to promote local products and will continue to search for topics that are positive and encouraging for all those who wish to live and create in their home country, but at the same time become part of the world’s major design scene!

Blog Founder Mersiha Karić is an architect, interior designer, and the first BH interior blogger. Through the blog called Stilistica she explores regional design, space as a segment of everyday life and writes about creative and inspirational themes!

Focused on, what she calls, the beauty in imperfection – she tells stories about cities and people that create living space as the subject of transition, all in accordance with human needs. She respects tradition, genius loci and most of all creative people who want to be agents of change!

Blog Collaborator  Ines Delić is an architect who is in love with travelling.  She is based in Vienna where she works and lives. Her studies she started on the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo but finished on the Technical University in Graz. Since 2016 she is a co-writer on Stilistica.

Through her travels she explores architecture and design; she is an adventurer who always tries to find “something new” which she then unselfishly shares with her environment. Her inspiration she finds in history, culture, heritage and those threads often interweave her stories.

Her thriving moto is “always wander, learn and share!”

                               Mersiha Karić                                                               Ines Delić

Want to get in touch? Email us at: info.stilistica@gmail.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aleks says:

    Lijepa ideja bloga 😉 samo steta sto nema Home menu na mobitelima

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stilistica says:

    Aleks, hvala na komentaru. Radimo na tome! Srdacan pozdrav!


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