Trebinje: Divine taste from the Imperial Vineyard: Vukoje

Category: Design Travelers; Photographer and Storyteller: Mersiha Karić, architect; Our visit to Trebinje was highlighted with some stopovers at a few wineries, whose quality has been recognized by numerous regional and world oenophiles. ‘Vukoje’ winery is truly, one of the most brilliant examples. It was presented to us with great love by gorgeous Julija.  Naša trebinjska priča obilježena je posjetomContinue reading “Trebinje: Divine taste from the Imperial Vineyard: Vukoje”

Prokoško lake: Happy New Year!

    Prokosko lake is settled on the Vranica Mountain (Bosnia and Herzegovina) under the highest top called Nadkrstac. The lake which is 400 m long – 190m wide and it’s surrounding are protected natural park. The lake is characterized by endemic species of triton, natural rarity – tailed amphibians – which is on the list ofContinue reading “Prokoško lake: Happy New Year!”